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E250 notes

Sun Enterprise 250

That DPT controller is junk.  Get rid of it and use SVM!

On the meaning of the LED's:
When a disk LED lights steadily and is green, it indicates that the
slot is populated and that the drive is receiving power.  When an LED
is green and blinking, it indicates that there is activity on the disk.
Some applications may use the LED to indicate a fault on the disk drive.
In this case, the LED changes color to yellow and remains lit.  The disk
drive LEDs retain their state even when the system is powered off.

On the mapping from physical slot numbers to device names under Solaris:
Slot 0 is c0t0d0
Slot 1 is c0t8d0
Slot 2 is c0t9d0
Slot 3 is c0t10d0
Slot 4 is c0t11d0
Slot 5 is c0t12d0

How to remove a disk drive is on page 135.  It's very basic though.
About disk drives is on page 83 of the PDF (page 119 in xpdf).
The salient stuff has been copied above though.
Disk LEDs is on page 260 of the PDF. The salient stuff has been copied
above though.

For the PDF, see ~dstromberg/soe/*.pdf.

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