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Machine room rack options

From John Ward:

At any rate, I think they are both functional, well build racks. I like the ElectroRack models a little better. I have found the pre-tapped screw holes to be a great time saver. The problem is that some equipment most notably Dell and HP expect a rack to have the square holes like the APC racks have. I find the little retaining nuts that go with the square holes that are required by most other equipment to be a big pain. I'm sure there are other differences. ... John. --On Thursday, December 02, 2004 04:39:21 PM -0800 Dan STROMBERG <> wrote: >> >> one. The APC and ElectroRack models are the currently acceptable >> >> models. Which one you choose depends on the exact needs for the > systems >> >> you foresee using. > > Do you folks have information about how these two racks compare? Why > would you chose one over another? > > Thanks!
A "U" is the measured height of a server case 1U is 44.45mm (1.75inches) 19 inches is 482,6mm
Some more food for thought on risers: The standard PCI card form factor is 107mm x 312mm [4.2" x 12.283"]. The low profile version of the PCI board ranges from 64.41mm x 119.91mm to 64.41mm x 167.64mm [ 2.56" x 6.6"]. (source: A 1U rackmount case is 1.75 inches in height, and a 2U case is 3.5 inches in height. (source: ) Assuming the motherboard is flat (horizontal) in the rackmount case, it is physically impossible to connect a PCI card perpendicularly to the motherboard while fitting in a 2U case, since 4.2 > 3.5 . PCI-express cards have the same height specification as PCI cards, so they cannot fit either. If you do not connect perpendicularly, how else would you connect, except using a riser card that produces slots for cards to mount parallel to the motherboard plane? One alternative might be to connect the card to the motherboard's edge, but my gut says this is a shady idea, although, admittedly, I have no concrete evidence. I can't seem to argue with 4.2" > 3.5", but we can bring it up on the phone. Just FYI, -Daniel Wang

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