Note: This web page was automatically created from a PalmOS "pedit32" memo.

Maxtor RMA procedure
worldwide support
warrantee services
replacements (or replacement status)

Always use "drive in system more than 30 days" (to skip maxtor test
drive not recognized by system 
purchased from "other" at bottom of list
standard replacement (advance replacement requires credit card, but is
Must use good box/packing material and antistatic wrap - must use either
original packing material, or a box with at least 2 inches of solid foam.
Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap are not "good enough".
Must use a carrier that provides tracking, EG UPS.  Some forms of US
Mail are not "good enough".

Print two copies of label generated by web page
Include one inside of the box
Cut the label off of the other and tape it to the outside of the box
Be sure to scribble out the previous labeling on the box

Please contact us if you require further information. In North America
telephone 1-800-2MAXTOR

F128WS5E  	ATA  	2F020J0310211  	In warranty  	11/26/2005

RMA Information
Date Created 	03/26/2005
RMA Number 	0202446776
RMA Type 	Standard Replacement
Serial Number 	F128WS5E
TLA Number 	2F020J0310211
Diagnostic Code 	
Purchase Location 	Other
Shipping Information
Country 	United States
Language 	English
First Name 	xxx
Last Name 	xxxxxxxxxx
Company Name 	
Address 1 	xxxxx xxx xxxxxx
Address 2 	
City 	Laguna Niguel
State 	CA
Zip Code 	92677
County 	ORANGE
Country Telephone Code 	01
  	Area Code 	Phone 	Extension
Daytime Telephone 	xxx xxxxxxx	
Evening Telephone 	xxx xxxxxxx
FAX Number 			
Email Address 	xxxxxxxxxx

----------------------- CUT HERE - SHIPPING LABEL - CUT HERE

0202446776 		TO:

Maxtor Corporation
c/o Solectron Global Services
RMA#____________ QTY ______
7100 Cattlemens Drive, Suite 300
Santa Teresa, NM 88008
----------------------- CUT HERE - SHIPPING LABEL - CUT HERE

----------------------- CUT HERE - PACKING SLIP - CUT HERE

RMA Number: xxxxxxxxxx
---------------------------- 	Serial Number

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx ----------------------- CUT HERE - PACKING SLIP - CUT HERE ----------------------------

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