Note: This web page was automatically created from a PalmOS "pedit32" memo.

Networked Hewlett-Packard printer notes

Many HP network-enabled printers are horribly bad at multitasking - if
something connects to them, and doesn't "finish" the task of enqueuing
or checking a queue or whatever, the printer will be left in an unusable
state until it is power cycled.

I recommend, if you have a "network-enabled" HP printer, making sure
that it's only accessible from the subnet it's set up on (for example, by
defining a bogus default route - but whatever form of access control you
have and/or prefer is fine), and then designating some *ix box on the same
subnet as a designated print server for the printer - so that all print
jobs are routed through the designated *ix box, to get serialization of
requests, and to prevent the scan du jour from confusing the poor
HP.  :)

Yes, UCI/NACS does do network scans of most UCI networks, but we aren't
the only ones doing it - there are plenty of folks out on the internet
who prowl around UCInet as well.

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