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SAM-FS notes

Apparently an adjunct to Sun's QFS that adds Hierarchical Storage
management (HSM)

Storage policy management. Allows you to automate policies based on virtually any file attribute. You can manage data according to the storage and access requirements of each user on the system and decide how data is grouped, copied, and accessed based on the needs of the application and the users. Helps you maximize return on investments by storing data on its appropriate media type and simplifying system administration. Device health and attribute support for Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment. Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment supports filesystem and device SAM-QFS SNMP traps. Proactively diagnoses the health and wellness of SAM-FS and QFS file systems with Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment. Enhanced Web-based management portal. Enables administrators to remotely and securely manage multiple SAM-FS/QFS servers. Reduces management cost and complexity. System Error Facility (SEF) reporting mechanism. System administrators can capture and compile a report from the lob sense pages of peripheral tape devices in SAM-FS environments. Improved operational efficiency. Total quotas. Ability to set quotas on users, groups, directories, etc. is now extended to include tape and optical storage capacity and manage total user storage consumption. Improves utilization of all storage resources.
No specialist training is required for the UCI (ESMF) solutions as it is being delivered fully implemented. We encourage your team to take class room and web based trainings, like the Sun StorEdge SAM-FS 4.1 and Sun StorEdge QFS 4.1 Administration (ES-451)
SAM-FS stands for "Storage and Archive Management File System"
Questions: Are SAM-FS' advanced quota features available when exported via NFS?

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