Note: This web page was automatically created from a PalmOS "pedit32" memo.

Solaris patch pro software

Added -B /export/home/backout to $PATCHADD in the setup script.

symlinked /var to /export/home/var

Added /opt/SUNWppro/bin:/usr/sadm/bin to my $PATH

/opt/SUNWppro/bin/pprosetup -a -b /export/home/backout

One of the patches nuked my /var symlink...  So I moved what it put in
/var over to my real /var (which is temporarily named something else),
and then resymlinked.

Most likely, patch pro will not install all of the
patches you want.  It should, however, create a list of
patches you should think about whether you should manually
apply them.  An example list of such patches would be at
- the directory may have numerous such files.  You most likely want
the most recent one.  pprosvc -d should have downloaded the patch as
a ".jar".  You can extract this with unzip, examine the README*, and
optionally apply the patch with "patch -d <dir>".

An http proxy (squid?) is probably a good idea for this.

Probably want to add /opt/SUNWppro/bin:/usr/sadm/bin to your $PATH.

tokyo-root> /opt/SUNWppro/bin/pprosvc -h

usage:  pprosvc [-d [-p patch-id[,patch-id,...]]] [-h]
        [-i [-n] [-p patch-id[,patch-id,...]]] [-l]


        -d      Downloads the patches that are required by this host
        -h      Displays command usage statement
        -i      Installs the patches from the designated download
        -l      Analyzes the host system to generate a list of required
        -n      Runs Patch Manager in non-interactive mode
        -p      Specifies the particular patches on which to operate

Some systems require having a motif runtime pkgadd'd off of autoint:
SUNWmfrun - even though the "patch pro" application does not appear to
direct use Motif in any way.

If you get weird java errors about your cache:
cd /opt/SUNWppro
find . -size 0 -print
...then remove the files listed.

An alternative that the author believes works better than the Sun-provided tools:

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