Note: This web page was automatically created from a PalmOS "pedit32" memo.

Sun video configuration notes

Some suns can have their video tweaked with an eeprom variable like: eeprom output-device=screen:r1280x1024x76 This should be able to jack up a Turbo GX+ to 1280x1024, beyond its default 1152x900. If this variable gets an invalid value, you may find yourself with a black screen. In this case, you may be able to ssh in and change it to something else using the "eeprom" command, or you may prefer to use Stop-N to restore the NVRAM to factory defaults.
Looks like Sunblade 100's use m64config. EG: m64config -prconf to get current settings, along with a list of viable resolutions m64config -res 800x600x60 format to set resolution, followed by a reboot.
Another relevant program for some Suns is fbconfig
Featurelist for the (no longer available) Sun Expert 3D Lite video card:

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