• Light theory
  • In this case, as you can see from the table, the differences are not consistent, but the quotients are nearly so. This might be because they're converting every n bytes to m bytes, but then file lengths are always required to be a multiple of 512... Consequently, it might be worthwhile to do this same sort of comparison for a really long file, and see if we are asymptotically approaching a constant quotient as the file lengths go to infinity.
    Filename Data length in USB sniff Length of "data" section in .wav Difference of the two Quotient of the two
    hi.wav 10240 18432 8192 1.8
    one.wav 6144 11264 5120 1.8333
    two.wav 6656 11776 5120 1.76923
  • Raw data:
  • Some info about codecs:

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