Mozilla really wants to use Xprint on Solaris. The error that comes up is:

Need patches 112785, 113713. Need package GISWxprintglue.pkg. The patches are already on autoinst, but the pkg is not.

need to restart X server? One of the patches is to Xsun

/usr/sbin/pkgadd -d GISWxprintglue.pkg

/etc/init.d/xprint start

tell /usr/openwin/server/etc/XpConfig/C/print/Xprinters to look in lpstat or whatever for a list of available queues

This part was not in my source document:

This needs to be done in the users' startup scripts

mozilla doesn't appear to see new printers if you exit it and restart it. Trying to stop and start the xprint daemon without restarting mozilla... And that worked. So existing mozilla processes appear to see new queues on the system if you kill and restart xprint.

This one line diff makes Xprint work with plpd.

My reference: