Three accounting-related programs are presented here, and a fourth is merely linked to.

  • The programs:
    1. The first is acctdump, on which accounting-piece-of-cake depends. .
        acctdump is for partially dumping AIX's daily unix accounting records
      • The fields output, in a columnar format are:
        1. uid
        2. username
        3. cpu minutes
        4. inferred username
        5. inferred group name
      • Note that these are not the only fields in the accounting records - they were just the only ones I needed
      • acctdump might require porting to other OS's to function properly, but should still be a pretty good starting point - I doubt *ix accounting has diverged massively
    2. The second is accounting-piece-of-cake, which depends on acctdump and sum-by
      • accounting-piece-of-cake should just snap right into place once you have acctdump working, or you could put it overtop of some other program if you prefer
    3. The third is sum-by, which has its own web page because it is not at all accounting-specific
    4. The fourth is a Linux version of the same idea as acctdump, but with very different output: dissect-pacct which doesn't work with accounting-piece-of-cake.
  • Note that accounting-piece-of-cake is intended to largely replace "AIX Cluster Accounting". I did this because AIX Cluster Accounting just wasn't working out for me; I set it up, it sort of worked, then it broke. Then I'd try a bunch of test iterations, but each time I'd change something, I'd have to wait a month to find out if the change worked, which is just silly.
  • Then I wrote acctdump, accounting-piece-of-cake, and sum-by in a couple of hours - and it was like stopping hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

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