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    cachedb is a dictionary-like database wrapper that can greatly improve the performance of some kinds of database operation. Beyond allowing write-through and write-back element caching, the module also allows you to specific disk-to-core (from_string) and core-to-disk (to_string) transparent conversion functions that will only be used as little as possible.

    IOW, if you read an item off of disk, it will transparently be converted to an in-core representation. If you change it, and the cache isn't overflowing, the new version won't be re-converted back to the disk format or written to disk until later.

    The initialization method looks like:

    ...and the rest is just like using a dictionary - with the exception that if you use a write-back cache, you'll need to use the dict.close() method to flush the dirty buffers.

    Download it here

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