Note: This web page was automatically created from a PalmOS "pedit32" memo.

dspam notes

Reportedly has a much better accuracy than spamassassin

Requires libsqlite to build

seki-root> ../../ strombrg
SpamAssassin Public Corpus Trainer v0.1.0

Searching for corpus easy_ham ...
...found it!
Training with corpus easy_ham ......done!
Searching for corpus hard_ham ...
...found it!
Training with corpus hard_ham ......done!
Searching for corpus spam ...
...found it!
Training with corpus spam ......done!
Searching for corpus spam_2 ...
...found it!
Training with corpus spam_2 ......done!
Training complete.
Now run "dspam_clean -p0 strombrg" to purge uninteresting data
Mon Feb 07 20:33:02

seki-root> dspam_clean -p0 strombrg

To set up dspam for testing by just a single account:

1) Make sure that /usr/local/bin/dspam is executable by the user who
will do the test

2) Put this in the user's procmailrc (unusual - usually it's hooked into
the MTA) :

	# annotate in DSPAM header for filtering...

	:0 fhw
	| formail -a "$DSPAM_HEADER"

I've had dspam set up on my account for approximately 24 hours now.
It's blocked 55 messages that spamassassin didn't catch.  I've had to
whitelist my wife's e-mail address at work though - probably because
they have a big, silly disclaimer at the bottom of every message.

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