• This software is owned by The university of California, Irvine, and is not distributed under any version of the GPL. GPL is a fine series of licenses, but the owners of the software need it to be distributed under these terms.

    This is security software for people who aren't 100% obsessed with security.

    I don't trust gsu-1.x much. It's in C, uses lots of fixed length buffers, and one of the maintainers didn't understand the semantics of strn*(). Also, it was written ages ago, and you know how often really old software was written in a security-conscious way. But it's tried and true so the functionality's there.

    gsu-2.x.tar.gz I trust a bit more. It's in c++ with stl, and avoids fixed-length buffers. I'm pretty sure the error returns are all checked too. It's pretty young software. Please use it instead of 1.x unless you're very conservative about your software.

    You can download it here (but you may be better off with sudo).

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