Ever wanted to tee data into multiple places, without having to start your pipeline over? Try this program, called "mtee". It's written in python.

Example usage :

...this constructs three pipelines, all running against the same stdin read once, and written 3 times, all independent of each other aside from running against the same input data.

Another form of usage:

And a third:

The help message looks like:

Dec 9, 2020:
Verbose operation no longer outputs two newlines per line for --file.
Eliminated two rare quadratic performance issues.

Dec 8, 2020:
--help writes to stdout.

Oct 24 2005:
Modified to allow use of "-f filename" to read a list of commands from filename

Mar 9, 2005:
Modified to use 1 megabyte blocks, instead of lines. It's now much faster on large files.

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