pdialog is a simple python module that wraps Xdialog or dialog. Specifically:

It supports the following Xdialog/dialog functions:

  1. def yesno(self,text,height,width,defaultno=0):
  2. def msgbox(self,text,height,width):
  3. def textbox(self,file,height,width):
  4. def menu(self,text,height,width,*options):
  5. def checklist(self,text,height,width,*options):
  6. def radiolist(self,text,height,width,*options):
  7. def inputbox(self,text,height,width,init=''):

You can download it here

  • This software is owned by The university of California, Irvine, and is not distributed under any version of the GPL. GPL is a fine series of licenses, but the owners of the software need it to be distributed under these terms.


    1. Should probably be modified to work with zenity, and perhaps also adesklets.

    See also Christopher Arndt's python wrapper for Xdialog.

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