• Most people who've used nagios for a while, have encountered the difficulty of a host or service that comes and goes frequently, generating a mound of warnings to your e-mail, to your instant messaging service, to your cell phone, and so on.
  • Nagios includes experimental "flap detection". That is one approach to solving the problem. This page presents another approach: A script called "rate-limit", which is suitable for calling from procmail.
  • Light theory:
  • Usage is like the following:
  • Basically, you want to call rate-limit -a from your .procmailrc with something like the following, to queue up notices:
  • And you want to call rate-limit -r from cron, to remove messages from the queue and send an e-mail message summarizing them:
  • Sample output looks like:
  • You can download the script here

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