• Makefile
  • setpgrp-and-exit.c
  • summarize
  • ps.0-0-0.before ps.0-0-0.after
  • ps.0-0-1.before ps.0-0-1.after
  • ps.0-1-0.before ps.0-1-0.after
  • ps.0-1-1.before ps.0-1-1.after
  • ps.1-0-0.before ps.1-0-0.after
  • ps.1-0-1.before ps.1-0-1.after
  • ps.1-1-0.before ps.1-1-0.after
  • ps.1-1-1.before ps.1-1-1.after
  • semi-summary
  • Intelligible summary : Only the iteration of the test program that did not setpgrp in any of the grandparent, parent or child yielded a defunct process. All the other permutations had a setpgrp at some "process depth" or other, and all of these added no defunct processes.

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