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3ware maxtor notes

3ware notes maxtor notes ESMF promicro notes: 3ware and maxtor
3ware 8506 card: 2t limit 3ware 9506: no 2t limit. $11k?
ESMF 3Ware cards should see good performance improvement by using a 2.6.5 or better linux kernel. We were using 2.4.x kernels.
Bunch of Maxtor 251G SATA disks. Model is MaXLine Plus II, 250GB SATA/150 HDD, 1.5G/s
Using 3Ware card models 8506-12 8506-8
In case it matters, we were using SuperMicro motherboards in the promicro computers.
Dead disk/disk firmware/3ware firmware mentions: 1) 18 Aug 2004, Anthony of Promicro requested that I get him the version off of one of the 3ware cards 5) August 27, Dan Stromberg resent the firmware revisions to ProMicro 2) Mentioned in teleconference notes for 2004-09-01 3) Another dead disk mention in telecon notes for 2004-09-20 6) 20 Sep 2004, Dan Stromberg discovered that 3ware driver and 3ware firmware were downrev due to initrd 3ware driver hiding the /lib/modules 3ware driver 7) 20 Sep 2004: Dan confirms that upgrading the 3ware driver also upgraded the 3ware firmware 8) 22 Sep 2004: Anthony confirms 3ware updates "ESMFSN01, 02 and 03 have now been updated with the latest 7.7.1 firmware and drivers" 4) Dead disk, and a dead RAID volume, mentioned in telecon notes for 2004-09-27 9) 5 Nov 2004: Anthony indicates that Maxtor wasn't forthright about need to upgrade Maxtor drives' firmware. Anthony announces plan to bring a PC to UCI, to do Maxtor firmware upgrades with 11) 2004: 11/8 or 11/9: Suggested (by Anthony of Promicro) dates for Maxtor firmware upgrades 12) 11/09/2004: Dan writes to Ross Aiken of IBM: Rajiv and Promicro and I are all hoping that upgrading the firmware on the hard disks is going to eliminate some or all of our errors 13) Nov 9, 2004: Vince Balsamo of IBM writes: Anthony should be onsite at UCI tomorrow to repair systems and update firmware 14) 10 Nov 2004: Ross writes "Each of the 3ware adapters in all systems were checked and updated as required to bring up the latest scsi adapter firmware levels required." 15) 11/10/2004: Francisco writes "Anthony Shipp is/was on-site upgrading the firmware on a subset of the Maxtor drives that are having problems. Per Maxtor's recommendation, Anthony is not upgrading the firmware on all Maxtor drives. I am slightly concerned that some drives with the older firmware will begin having problems over time and need to be upgraded at a later date, but I am willing to defer to Maxtor's recommendation at this time." 10) 11/12/2004: Ross Aiken of IBM confirms that all 3ware cards have had their firmware upgraded 16) 2005-11-12: Anthony of Promicro: sn01: no degraded arrays. sn02's SCSI-3 port 4 was bad, and was replaced with a new disk. SCSI-0, port 9 and 11, had old code of firmware, I flashed them. SN03: 2 disks on SCSI-3 that had old firmware code, I flashed those. SN04: I did nothing to this machine. SN05: N/A. SN06: On SCSI-0, one disk dead, despite good firmware, on SCSI-1 a disk had old firmware but refused to be flashed - disk replaced. 17) 19 Nov 2004: Dan writes: We've seen "SCSI errors" from time to time. Upgrading the firmware on our Maxtor drives has hopefully gone at least part way to resolving this. 18) 23 Nov 2004: Dan writes: looks like sn01's SCSI ID 3, Array Unit 0, port 1 is offline. Are you up for upgrading the firmware on it, if you haven't already?
3Ware, by way of Promicro, provided us with some system tweaks that should optimize I/O with the 3Ware cards. However, it is my belief that these tweaks impacted the buffer cache behavior, and because Lustre doesn't use the usual linux buffer cache, the tweaks likely didn't help.
The 3Ware card's firmware can be updated by compiling firmware upgrade support into the linux driver for the 3Ware card. However, the firmware on the Maxtor SATA disks could not (at the time, this functionality is planned for later) be upgraded through the 3Ware RAID cards.
Info on Maxtor SATA disk firmware releases, given to UCI by Promicro: "code" on disk describes firmware rev bw0 all to hw0 ew0 can't update to h, so not updated hw0 good w0 good can also see rev in 3dmd Anthony says e's are sometimes troublesome

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