• Dan on what domains loader may be understood as by most AIX admins and programmers:
  • IBM article on loader domains
  • Googled around, and found:
  • Kamal R. Prasad on comp.unix.programmer/comp.unix.aix:
  • Paul Pluzhnikov on comp.unix.programmer/comp.unix.aix:
  • From Kamal R. Prasad on comp.unix.aix:
  • On "maxdata"
  • On "slibclean"
  • Dan on resolving loader domain conflicts:
  • Results of a conversation on Apr 28, 2006 between myself and someone in IBM tech support:
  • Document comparing shared libraries across many platforms
  • Nice page that includes information about -brtl
  • Another nice page that includes information about -brtl

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