Note: This web page was automatically created from a PalmOS "pedit32" memo.

Chainstores with wifi access

Starbucks has wifi for a monthly fee, unless you are signed up with the
right ISP at home

Apple stores reportedly have wifi. I have not tried one yet
Barnes and Noble has wifi for a monthly fee - free if you have SBC (broadband?) internet at home
You can add Jack-in-the-Box across the street from Campus in University Center. Also Panera, on Bison and MacArthur. /escott
matsuwa japanese market, at bristol and paularino. VPN'd vnc worked great
from Nick, Most McDonalds have free Wi-Fi too! The Jack-In-The-Box across from UCI is a test Hot Spot from /john
may not be a chainstore, but The Amsterdam Coffeehouse in Laguna Niguel has wireless, likely due to being near a Kinko's.
It appears many or all Kinkos have an agreement with T-Mobile for wifi, with plans "as low" as $6/hour.

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