• An overview of Lustre I wrote up to give a presentation to a sister group within NACS to the one I work in: CCS Lustre presentation
  • To totally start over from scratch - IE wipe out all data and start over again, follow this procedure
  • To reset the lustre system completely, (ideally) without loss of data:
  • Generating /etc/lustre/config.xml
  • Notes from the Lustre training I attended (taken on an old Palm IIIxe, so they're full of abbreviation)
  • Lustre and quotas:
  • 3Ware RAID tuning on RHEL (not really related to Lustre that much, but we happen to be combining the two) Note that Lustre does not use the VM system (which is probably how it gets by the 16 terrabyte limit common in linux filesystems), so it's likely that these tweaks don't help Lustre any.
  • Expanding Lustre to include a new pair of OSS's

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