Note: This web page was automatically created from a PalmOS "pedit32" memo.

QEMU notes

Installing the .iso on disk (file) "./Disk":
   qemu -cdrom dfly-20041222-stable.iso -hda ./Disk -boot d

   When you configure an interface, make your default route the IP
   address of the host system.

Booting from the disk post-install:
   qemu -hda ./Disk -boot c -user-net

Networking notes:
-user-net       use user mode network stack [default if no tap/tun script]
-tftp prefix    allow tftp access to files starting with prefix [-user-net]
-smb dir        allow SMB access to files in 'dir' [-user-net]
-redir [tcp|udp]:host-port:[guest-host]:guest-port
                redirect TCP or UDP connections from host to guest
See file "./boot", but -redir didn't work, however -user-net allowed
dragonfly to ssh to seki, on address

I set DragonFly's IP address to

Nice long list of compatible operating systems:

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