cho2sgf is a program written by Bill Shubert.

It was originally called pluck, but Bill suggested I rename it before putting it up on the net.

cho2sgf knows how to read the problems on the diskette "An Encyclopedia of Life and Death by Cho Chikun", and convert them to SGF. The diskette is available from Kiseido.

For those of us who prefer doing problems on a computer to doing them out of a book, this is great stuff. The SGF problems are very suitable for use with my gquiz program.

BTW, there are some pretty definite errors in some of the problems (EG ignoring atari of critical groups), but on the whole, the collection is excellent.

The diskette appears to include three collections of problems: abc, s1 and s2. abc appears to be the most useful, at least to me.

You can get the source code here.

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