I reimplemented this, once in python and once in golang - the source is here. I think it makes kind of an interesting "eggcartonish" background for your computer's background/wallpaper. It looks pretty 3D when you set a bunch of them side-by-side - it even makes some people a little dizzy to look at it. :) It'll probably look banded, and hence less 3D, if you're using an old 8 bit display. The program that generated this is a small application of the inverse square law - like gravity.

EG (created with pngtopnm circle.png | pnmtile 600 600 | pnmtopng > tiled.png): Normally you'll use the tiling function of your background/wallpaper software, so you would use the first file, not this one. This one's just to give you an idea what it looks like tiled.

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