• Coordinate runs n shell commands m at a time. It's pretty no-frills, compared to my previous project, looper. Looper was nice because it had a lot of convenience options, and timeouts. However forcing timeouts on python concurrency was less than ideal, and eventually turned out to have a rare-but-not-impossible race condition.

  • Hence coordinate.
  • Coordinate is also nice in that it's python 3.x only; uses the built in pools; and passes mypy, pyflakes, pycodestyle and pydocstyle.

  • You can download it from here

  • Its usage looks like:
  • Coordinate's pretty focused on looper's "labeled commands files", as that was pretty much all I ever used in looper. Indeed, they both use the same input format.
  • It requires Python 3.6 and up. 3.7 can be expected to be significantly faster than 3.6.

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