Kentou is a program that reads an SGF file, and lets a student of go play back through it, trying to guess the next move in the game. After 10 (by default) incorrect guesses, it gives you the right answer, and it keeps a running average of how many guesses it took across the moves you've looked at so far. It marks near misses and distant misses differently, and plays a sound for correct guesses.

Many people say studying pro games is a good way for an already-strong go player to advance, and a few think this is a good method of study even for less advanced players.

However, I found that when I was using kentou, I tended to get a bit click-happy while playing actual games of go. IOW, the "just go ahead and guess"-ness of Kentou, was encouraging me to do the same during games, which clearly isn't a good idea.

For this reason, I have not updated Kentou to work with recent versions of GTK+. It's here mostly out of historical interest.

Here's a picture of kentou 1.09:

You can still get the source code here.

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