install-cgoban3 is a small script I put together for installing cgoban31 on computers running Linux. This allows a Linux user to log onto KGS, play games there, and edit games locally or remotely.

IOW, cgoban 3 is a KGS client, and this program downloads it and installs it for you. Do not mistake it for cgoban 1, which was an IGS/NNGS client.

What it does

So far, it has been tested on the following Linuxes+Desktop Environments, but I've made an effort to use tools I believe should be relatively portable:

BTW, if there's a Linux not listed there, and you'd like me to try it out before you dive in, feel free to let me know by e-mail.

An example install follows. We attempt the install twice; the first time there is an unsatisfied prerequisite, so we address that and run it again. Things I typed are highlighted in lightgreen.

Please note that there's really no good reason to just tell Linux users to use a raw jar file.

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