Note: This web page was automatically created from a PalmOS "pedit32" memo.

mailman notes

From setting up mailman on meter.eng: stamp'd meter added mailman account and group under uid and gid 12121. Put dcs into mailman group Created /RAID1/dcs/mailman, chowned it to mailman, chgrp'd it to mailman, chmod 2775'd it cob'd the sources (the build wants the mailman account, group and directory set up before it'll try to build) cob'd fine, but even though dcs is in the mailman group, do-inst as dcs is failing groot -X, "pretend mailman" (since the shell is /bin/false) do-inst again... do-inst is mostly working, but three tar's are having problems: email, JapaneseCodecs and KoreanCodecs do-inst looked pretty good for a while, but then it error'd out importing a python module called "japanese" - so I've put python 2.4 early on the build's path, and am re-cob'ing Editing misc/ and commenting out import japanese and import korean* and retrying do-inst Then there was an error about email.Headers not being importable, so I switched to python 2.3 from 2.2.1. Then cob and do-inst succeeded :) Rebuilding with --with-cgi-id=www, www already being allocated in the NIS group map Running $prefix/bin/check_perms. It detected a bunch of localization directory permissions problems. Saved the output in a file, awk'd out the pathnames, and chmod'd them en masse. Added scriptalias to httpd.conf Decided I didn't need to override icons directory Defined correct (there already was one that pointed nowhere) alias for /pipermail/ Created a "mailman" list with ./bin/newlist mailman, responded with a password, was informed that I must add these to the SOE aliases database: ## mailman mailing list mailman: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman post mailman" mailman-admin: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman admin mailman" mailman-bounces: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman bounces mailman" mailman-confirm: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman confirm mailman" mailman-join: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman join mailman" mailman-leave: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman leave mailman" mailman-owner: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman owner mailman" mailman-request: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman request mailman" mailman-subscribe: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman subscribe mailman" mailman-unsubscribe: "|/RAID1/dcs/mailman/mail/mailman unsubscribe mailman" added crontab entries to the "mailman" user. "crontab -u" did not work. copied rc script to /etc/init.d Creating symlinks: meter-root) ls -l */*mailman -rwxr-xr-x 1 root other 1749 Oct 7 13:49 init.d/mailman lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 17 Oct 7 14:24 rc0.d/K12mailman -> ../init.d/mailman lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 17 Oct 7 14:24 rc1.d/K12mailman -> ../init.d/mailman lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 17 Oct 7 14:24 rc2.d/S98mailman -> ../init.d/mailman lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 17 Oct 7 14:24 rc3.d/S98mailman -> ../init.d/mailman lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 17 Oct 7 14:25 rcS.d/K12mailman -> ../init.d/mailman meter-root) pwd /etc meter-root) Testing: When I set up the "mailman" list, which I assume is the one that'll send out reminders, I received a message from it almost immediately. Trying to go to, I'm getting: Mailman CGI error!!! The Mailman CGI wrapper encountered a fatal error. This entry is being stored in your syslog: Group mismatch error. Mailman expected the CGI wrapper script to be executed as group "www", but the system's web server executed the CGI script as group "nobody". Try tweaking the web server to run the script as group "www", or re-run configure, providing the command line option `--with-cgi-gid=nobody'. So I'm going to rebuild.
Adding a bunch of users to a mailing list: meter-dcs) ./add_members -r /tmp/address soe-support Bad/Invalid email address: dmelzer meter-dcs) finger dmelzer ^C meter-dcs) ypcat passwd | grep melzer dmelzer:ru1Tat46pt/Rk:18957:10:Dan Melzer:/mae/staff/dmelzer:/dcs/bin/tcsh meter-dcs) vim /tmp/address meter-dcs) ./add_members -r /tmp/address soe-support Subscribed: meter-dcs) ...that "Bad/Invalid email address" was because I'd left off the It should be one email address per line - that seems to be what mailman likes.

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