• Note: This page needs a table of contents, but the gist is there's stuff here about NBD, ENBD and GNBD

  • The goal is to get a stable, > 2 terrabyte filesystem using disks on a number of different systems, combined into one large filesystem, using nbd, the "network block device", or enbd, the "extended network block device" kernel modules and userspace utilities.
  • This page has two major sections:
  • NBD stuff.
  • ENBD
  • DRB (Domingos Begalli) Notes :)
  • From Tony Battersby on the LBD mailing list:
  • Mail about GNBD (which is part of GFS, but apparently doesn't require GFS) from binky123 at excite dot com on Feb 27 and 28, 2006:

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