I'm partial to familiar on iPaq's, but note that when you buy a PocketPC platform to run linux on, you're boosting microsoft's installed base numbers, which helps enable microsoft persuade software vendors to implement for their platform only.

Microsoft is taking a loss on every PocketPC box sold for a reason. They aren't doing it because they want to loose money. They're doing it because their other businesses allow them to take a loss on PDA's long enough to gain a stranglehold on the PDA market. Then, they'll change pricing so as to start making a profit on each box sold - possibly a huge profit.

I very much wanted a linux PDA last time I went PDA shopping, but wound up going with a PalmOne Tungsten C, for exactly this reason.

As an added benefit, Palm boxes are most likely going to be running linux in the future, with a proprietary PalmOS layer overtop - kind of analogous to what MacOS X does with *BSD.

We can only hope that this layer will be X11 based, so that we can intermix Familiar apps with PalmOS apps.

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