Procedures for recovering e-mail. Hopefully.
  1. In maildrop?
  2. In an alternate maildrop-ish area?
  3. In a procmail "BOGUS" file?
  4. In an unusual folder?
  5. Under an unexpected MUA profile?
  6. In a backup?
Sometimes you can sift through a lot of these possibilities quickly, but asking the user for the subject line of a message that they would have only received during the time interval during which they are missing mail. Another possibility might be a somewhat unique sender or recipient. Please see my "recursive search" page for more information - it uses this sort of e-mail searching as an example of how to do a variety of recursive searches.

  • Once you locate a file or files that contain your user's mail, you may want to pull out only messages within a given time interval or intervals. Some tools you might use for this:

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