• I did most of the "tube" mode in xlockmore
  • I also did most of the "mandelbrot" mode in xlockmore. This is a subregion of a "power 3" mandelbrot set. Actually, I have no idea if this is officially called a "power 3" mandelbrot set; I just took the mandelbrot set equations and changed the exponent from 2 to 3. The mode does a variety of exponents, with a random-but-interesting subregion selection. It also slides the colors along; the code for the color cycling is derived from the color cycling in the above "tube" mode.

  • And I did the "ellipse" code in xlockmore. Strangely, this is the only code of mine that got ported into xscreensaver, even though I personally like tube and mandelbrot better. This is very basic trigonometry. Here's a picture:

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