Soksoo is a program that reads games of go in sgf format, and creates a sort of joseki/trick move database viewable with an an sgf browser. It is intended for use with amateur games, as they are readily available, and contain the sort of mistakes amateurs need to learn from.

Average rank, minimum rank, maximum rank and raw count of the players playing a move are given at each node in the resulting sgf file, which can be viewed as a sort of amateur joseki dictionary. This enables one to find a relatively strong refutation to a nonjoseki (soksoo in Korean, shingata in Japanese - anyone know the Chinese?) move.

To build the real thing, you have to get the games from KGS, and last I heard, you had to ask around to get them. However, I've saved you the trouble by including a copy of soksoo.sgf from a big run ("make huge") in the distribution. You can still do "make tiny", but you can't do "make small", "make medium", "make large" or "make huge" out of the box.

Soksoo rhymes with the Japanese "Moku". The name was kindly suggested by sbchoi of KGS.

Soksoo makes pretty heavy demands on an sgf editor. As of 2016-01-02, gGo 1.0 appears to work best.

The code is GPL licensed. The doc it generates is FDL licensed.

Download here.


  1. Stones that are captured, are not removed from the board in this release
  2. Corners are examined in isolation. You have no information about ladders and other ways other corners impact the corner under study and vice versa. I'm sure soksoo will be heavily criticized for this, but I still find it useful. If you do too then great; if not, that's fine too.
  3. Variations probably should be sorted by average strength, or perhaps max strength. Unfortunately, ISTR hearing that some SGF editors display variations in the opposite order of others.