notify-when-up is now deprecated; please use notify-when-up2 instead unless you encounter a specific problem in version 2 and need something to fall back on.
notify-when-up is a simple script that periodically checks for an event, and then notifies you the event has occured. Originally for checking when a port becomes active on a machine, it's since been extended to do many different sorts of one-off event monitoring in a convenient to use way.

Notification methods so far include:

  1. A log message in your home directory (if you have write access to your home directory)
  2. A message on the current tty
  3. An e-mail message (by default to, but this can be overridden with -e or setting $NWUEMAIL to an e-mail address)
  4. A little pygtk window
  1. Copy notify-when-up to somewhere on your $PATH - often ~/bin/notify-when-up is good.
  2. Make the notify-when-up script executable, EG:
  3. Install somewhere on your python path, or in ~/lib/
  4. If you don't already have python installed, go get it. It's well worth your while. Nearly all Linuxes come with python these days, and the developer install of Solaris 10 includes it as well (IMO it should come with all versions of Solaris 10).

  • This software is owned by The university of California, Irvine, and is not distributed under any version of the GPL. GPL is a fine series of licenses, but the owners of the software need it to be distributed under these terms.

  • Here are some examples of using notify-when-up:
  • Future directions
    1. It'd be really nice to have something that will restart your notify-when-up process if a machine is rebooted while monitoring, or at least something that will tell you your notify-when-up was interrupted. Doing this really well is probably going to require a central server of some sort though, but it wouldn't be difficult to add a series of at jobs or a cron job that checks on whether jobs were interrupted, assuming logging is working.
    2. It'd be nice to have some form of fallback logging pathname, instead of using ~/notify-when-up.log or zilch.
    3. It may someday become useful to have notify-when-up trim logs

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