• Sun software
    1. Some notes on "zones"
    2. NFSv4 - applies to both Solaris 10 and some recent Linuxes (Sep 19, 2005)
    3. QFS notes, which is a very Sun filesystem for creating large filesystems. It also has some information about SAM-FS, which is a Sun hierarchical storage management product
    4. SAM-FS notes, but see also the QFS notes URL
    5. Solaris Patch Pro
    6. 2005-04-08 solaris 10 bootcamp notes
    7. Software RAID with Sun SVM
  • Sun hardware
    1. StorEdge 3511 and my notes from when I actually installed a StorEdge 3511
    2. RS-232 notes, which has some info about Sun serial ports, among other things
    3. E250 notes
    4. SunFire V490 notes
  • Sun procedural stuff
    1. Changing a sun from multiple OS partitions to just one
    2. Adding a new release of Solaris to autoinst.nacs.uci.edu
    3. Sun alternate break sequence
    4. Sun video configuration notes
    5. Info about the sunrays in ET 509
    6. Sun diskless boot doc
    7. Solaris 10 rollout summary
  • Collections of sun-related stuff, that perhaps should be split up so they're more approachable
    1. Solaris notes - an amalgam of many different kinds of Solaris things
    2. Dynamic Systems presentation, 2005-09-19 about new Sun stuff. Soon to come: a voice recording of the presentation.
    3. An ancient sun page I put together a long time before I got a palm pilot :)

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